Teaching Slides
Here you'll find a collection of teaching slides organized for a 13-week class on Snowball Earth. You can download the slides individually or as PowerPoint Presentations. If you have a web site please do not link directly to these images, but instead link to one of the pages below.

Week 1. Timing and extent of Proterozoic glaciations

Week 2. Paleolatitudes and paleomagnetism

Week 3. Banded iron and iron-magnanese formations

Week 4. Glacial meltdowns and cap carbonates

Week 5. Carbon isotopes and stratigraphic correlation

Week 6. Dates and fakes

Week 7. Ice albedo and ice-albedo instability

Week 8. Geochemical carbon cycle and global climatic stability

Week 9. Sea-glacier dynamics and tropical sea-ice thickness

Week 10. Ice-sheet dynamics and the glacial sedimentary record

Week 11. Geochemical tests of the snowball hypothesis

Week 12. Response of the biosphere

Week 13. Causation